Free Bradford of All Hate Crime

About the Bradford Hate Crime Alliance

The purpose of BHCA is to work jointly with strategic and operational partners to eliminate hate crime within Bradford Metropolitan District Council area.

Principle Values

  • Assist/support community members to report hate crime via third party reporting centres established in the Bradford district.
  • Assist community members to obtain the confidence to stand and speak out against hate crime.
  • Contribute to resourcing local communities with appropriate services that generate community confidence to challenge hate crime. Provide education for local communities to enable better understanding, cohesion, appreciation and tolerance that leads to community aspirations for a cohesive and peaceful community
  • Enabling community members to recognise and embrace the positive values of community cohesion, citizenship rights and participation.
  • Strive for the best quality in every aspect of our service, using the skills, intelligence and commitment of our staff, Board members and partners.
  • Strive to deliver services in an environmentally effective method to protect our earth for future generations.
  • Ensure that rights, responsibility, respect, equality, justice and dignity of community members are integral to the way we work
  • Run an ethical transparent business
  • To pledge that community matters.